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South Australia's COVID-Ready Plan released

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South Australia's COVID-Ready Plan released

The South Australian Government has announced the state's COVID-Ready Plan.
The COVID-Ready Plan outlines the safe easing of restrictions and how COVID-19 will be managed in South Australia.

This includes the lifting of jurisdictional borders in the first instance and subsequently restrictions on activities across the coming months, along with ensuring a strong health response to manage COVID-19 cases.

The COVID-Ready Plan is based on health advice. It outlines a measured and clear path out of the pandemic, ensuring COVID-19 can be controlled when it enters South Australia and prepares the state for living with COVID-19 in the longer term.

COVID safe behaviours will still be needed – getting tested for COVID-19 with any symptoms, no matter how mild, as soon as possible, along with physical distancing, hand hygiene and staying home when sick.

COVID-Ready Plan

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