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Women in Business - Annunziata Thompson, Mrs D’s Cookies

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Women in Business - Annunziata Thompson, Mrs D’s Cookies

Annunziata Thompson took over traditional cookie and slice supplier Mrs D’s Cookies eight months ago, following a career in event management. She was attracted to the business after seeing her parents own and run a restaurant in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, giving her experience in small business and hospitality. Mrs D’s Cookies brings quality South Australian ingredients to traditionally baked, handmade treats everyone can enjoy, and Annunziata wants to take the business to the next level.

Annunziata joined the Women in Business Program looking to expand her network. After taking a big leap of faith to leave her steady career and take over Mrs D’s Cookies, she says the program has helped her put all her ideas and energies into a structured plan.

As she looks to expand beyond South Australia, while still maintaining the quality that makes Mrs D’s Cookies so irresistible, Annunziata really values the support she’s found through the Women in Business Program. She thinks the support women can gain through having a network around them is invaluable.

Find out more about what Annunziata has learned from the Women in Business Program and how she’s using it to grow Mrs D’s Cookies.

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