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Small Business Week in the Adelaide Hills

Small Business Week in the Adelaide Hills

Monday, 29th Apr 2024

9:00am - 3:30pm
Adelaide Hills
In Person
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Boosting business sustainability

Location: Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf

The Office for Small and Family Business will bring the Adelaide Hills a tailored Small Business Week event specifically created to provide local small and family businesses with relevant insights and support to address current challenges and opportunities.

Join this event for all three sessions, or pick and choose what’s most relevant to you and your business. A team of local experts will provide engaging sessions on navigating a family business, essential resources for export success, environmental sustainability for small business, and how to manage your energy use and costs.

Catering and refreshments will be provided throughout the day including a light lunch, morning and afternoon tea, coffee, tea and cool drinks.

Sessions include:

Navigating family business

This is a focused session especially for leaders and operators of family businesses in the Adelaide Hills. Family run businesses present a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Through this dedicated event, you will gain expert insights into managing the complexities of a family business such as relationships, change management, succession planning, and finances.

Essential Resources for Small Business Export Success

In this session you will gain insights into the services provided by the Department for Trade and Investment and Austrade.

A local expert will help you to explore the array of tools tailored for both novice exporters and those already engaged in exporting. You will also participate in a comprehensive market intelligence session focusing on key markets, with a particular emphasis on Southeast Asia.

Sustainability and energy for small business

Gain exclusive access to two energy experts who specialise in supporting business to understand and implement sustainable energy practices, reduce emissions, and manage energy consumption and costs.

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