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Small Business Expo

Small Business Expo

Thursday, 2nd May 2024

9:00am - 4:00pm
In Person
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Attend presentations and workshops, speak with small business service exhibitors, network with new connections

Join us at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Thursday 2 May for a full-day, immersive professional development program featuring Australia's leading financial journalist, Alan Kohler, plus presentations from a range of subject matter experts across government, industry associations and more.

It's all about giving you the tools, information and knowledge to help you get on with business.

Hear from some of Australia leading business minds on a range of topics

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Gov to You at the Small Business Expo

Leading you to the right people who can support and guide you through the small business landscape

Presented by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner South Australia, Gov to You bridges the gap between your small business problems and the people who can help.

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