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National Anti-Scam Centre: Scams awareness for small business

National Anti-Scam Centre: Scams awareness for small business

Monday, 29th Apr 2024

12:30pm - 2:00pm
Online, Metro


Delivery Partners
ACCC National Anti Scam Centre


Navigating the digital environment

Location: Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Scams are becoming more widespread, but how do you know one when you see it, and how do you avoid them?

Join us in person or online for an introduction to the National Anti-Scam Centre with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Director, Fiona Homan.

Fiona will share a scams awareness presentation for small businesses covering the latest, most critical information on scam awareness to help protect you and your business.

Topics to be covered in the presentation include:

  • what is a scam?
  • examples of scams
  • how do I avoid scams?
  • support for scams victims
  • impact of scams in 2023
  • what is Scamwatch and what do they do?
  • what is the National Anti-Scam Centre?
  • where do I go to report scams?


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