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Looking after your mental wellbeing – top tips for small business owners

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Looking after your mental wellbeing – top tips for small business owners

Finding it hard to switch off after a long day at work? For many small business owners, non-stop work demands and constant pressure can leave the mind working overtime.

Leading researcher and Mindarma Principal Psychologist, Dr Sadhbh Joyce, says the impact of prolonged stress can lead to greater levels of physical and cognitive fatigue, increasing the risk of burnout, anxiety or depression.

“Too many small business owners put managing mental wellbeing towards the very end of their long to-do lists. It’s important to realise that looking after yourself is one of the best ways you can look after your business.”

There are a range of simple skills that we know can ease stress and help us to rest, restore and recover. When we take the time to prioritise our mental wellbeing, it can have numerous benefits.

Once our brain is able to perform at its peak, we get tasks done quicker, we are more creative and better at problem solving. We are also likely to have improved mood and far more positive interactions with others, which is incredibly important for anyone managing a team or looking after customers.

If you are ready to give your brain a boost, these tips and resources can help:

To gain more practical guidance on taking care of your mental health, register for Mindarma - an evidence-based e-learning program proven to protect mental health.

As one of our key Mental Health and Wellbeing Program partners, Mindarma can provide you with valuable insights, skills and strategies over ten short interactive sessions (each around 15 minutes), and it’s free to South Australian small businesses.

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