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Message from the Minister for Small and Family Business

Message from the Minister for Small and Family Business

The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP

As mentioned in this latest edition of Business Hub News, last month the new South Australian Government made a significant decision to change the COVID-19 close contact rules, a decision that brings us in line with several other states.

While necessary and effective in the early stages of the pandemic, the rules caused significant challenges to many sectors of the community and the economy.

This was a well-considered and informed decision by the government. We consulted with and listened to the genuine concerns of the entire business community, including the Small and Family Business sector where the impacts have hit hard, impacting staffing and supply, as well as markets for goods and services.

Realistically, with its continued prevalence, COVID-19 will continue to impact our Small and Family Business sector, perpetuating a challenging and uncertain operating environment.

Be assured, we are always listening to health advice to ensure that we are in step with the community and balancing the business community’s needs in conjunction with the wider population.

As a former business owner, I understand the dedication that running your own business requires and am no stranger to the joys, challenges and sheer hard work needed to stay afloat and thrive.

In this latest edition of Business Hub you’ll find information on free events, stories from other business operators and information on upskilling in a hi-tech world.

Best regards

Hon. Andrea Michaels MP
Minister for Small and Family Business

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