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Message from the Minister for Small and Family Business

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Message from the Minister for Small and Family Business

The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP

October is the time of year when we recognise Indigenous Business Month.

This year the theme of Indigenous Business Month is ACTIONS TODAY. IMPACT TOMORROW.

This theme asks First Nations business owners and their non-Indigenous allies to consider how our actions today will impact our tomorrow.

They ask business leaders to help inspire the leaders of the future. What you say and do in our communities today could be the spark that inspires our businesses of tomorrow.

This should be front of mind for all of us, not only in running our businesses, but in all elements of our lives.

Another important element of running a small business – cyber security – is also highlighted in October through Cyber Security Awareness Month.

We all would have seen the reports of data breaches in the past few weeks, with many impacted firsthand.

It goes to show that no business – big or small – is immune from cyber attacks and must invest to keep data and customers safe.

Please consider the important resources throughout this email to help strengthen your cyber security.

COVID-19 requirements have also recently changed, with people who test positive to COVID-19 in South Australia no longer required to isolate.

However, businesses should continue to consider the health and wellbeing of staff and customers, by having people stay at home when unwell.

Please see health advice from the Chief Public Health Officer, available here.

The newly-established Office for Small and Family Business (OSFB) has had a busy couple of months engaging with the business community, including conducting 20 in-person roundtables, 17 in-depth interviews and receiving more than 1200 responses to our whole-of-state business survey.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our engagement activities - your contributions will inform the development of a Small Business Strategy for South Australia and guide the important work of the Office for Small and Family Business.

I look forward to sharing key insights from these discussions in the coming months.

The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP
Minister for Small and Family Business

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